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Need tinting info

Guest cruiser

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Guest cruiser

I am thinking of having my 92 Landcruiser windows tinted, but I want to use the best brand of tinting. There is a place close to were I work that uses a brand of tinting material called (johnson)

is that any good?

Also anyone recommend a place for tinting in the Washington state, Snohomish County area/


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Guest Litespeeds

Check the tinter's registry for a place near by. I have used Johnson's in the past and had to redo quite a few windows due to adhesive failure as well as hardcoat failure. Don't know how their films are today. Just make sure it is not just a dyed film as that will turn purple on you. Like OT said, make sure it is a reputable company that does a quality installation and backs it up with a warranty card from the film manufacturer.

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Guest tinterjim

I've been using Johnson's for the past 4 years and have not had any problems at all. Like lightspeeds said don't get a regular dyed film and you should be fine.

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