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Help needed to coil terminal

Guest Pontiac-Japan

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Guest Pontiac-Japan


Must the coil terminal be replaced regularly? In this case replacement interval?

Do anyone know the price of this part for a Pontiac TransSport made 1993?

In some case shakes during driving with about 90km/h (about 50mls/h) according to problems with this coil terminal. One electrical specialist has checked it, it has not the full range of voltage (about 7-10V). With have replaced it into another used part, better than before, but not good enough. One dealer here in Germany told us, coil terminal cost about 450USD!

We have only Haynes Manual, but no details about service of this part (for someone who need pic: Haynes/ Chapter 5/ Pic 6.24).

Is here anyone working at Pontiac/ GM or any garage? Need help!

Notice: We're Japanese living in Germany. No-one here in Germany can tell us about this coil terminal.

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If you are having shaking problems. I would replace the entire engine. If you are driving a Pontiac Transport from '93, you got 4 times it's life expectancy already. Consider a new car.

As for the coil terminal, This is not a question that can be answered over a forum. Especially not a WINDOW TINT forum. If the shaking was from tint flapping in the wind while the glass was rolled part of the way down, alot of people could fix you up. The coils on these vehicles, from my experience, are fairly regularly going out. They are expensive, and if any coil tips are burnt, replace the plug wires as well. They will be bad also. :shock:rollin

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