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Planning on a walk-in


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ok, heres the scoop. This place in town (furniture store) has those ugly ass pull down window tint rolls. Looks like crap basically. I was going to go in and ask if they wanted me to tint the place. I figure since they sell a lot of leather that I can plug the 99.9% UV rays thing. What is the best route to go about doing this, just to walk in and introduce myself and try to lay down the facts or is there a better way??



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The problem I see is they saw a need before and decided on those shades.

One thing you can work with is when those shades are up, UV is bouncing in there creating fade.

Try with clear like LCL-200 and go from there. That is what we installed on the LBJ Birth Home, Boyhood Home, and Texas Whitehouse.

Obviously they want a clear window for viewing.

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could do that :lol6 but as for the shades thing I think the only reason they really have those is to block glare. I just wanna know what they'd want before I go in there so I can kinda impress em. anybody know how hard a 72 inch roll is to handle when your are alone??

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Guest tintman72

If the windows aren't too far from the floor you could reverse roll the film out of the box so that you don't have to handle a big ass piece of film by yourself.

You should wait until the time of day that they may have a problem with the suns glare and "go shopping" for some furniture. At that point you could easily begin talking to them about their glare and/or fading problem and educate them on the soolutions that you can provide for them. I think the lighter shades would work best also due to the fact that most furniture stores work off of visible attraction from the roadway.

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Guest pmuzik
anybody know how hard a 72 inch roll is to handle when your are alone??

72 " is hard to handle by yourself and if you lose it you have trashed some major buckos!!! I would suggest if you get the job you sit front like this and get some help :lol6

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