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Guest deception

Hi I was wondering if you have any tips or could recomend any products that help remove dust...I always wet the floor and thouroughly clean the glass...but I always seem to end up with a few spots of dust...this is driving me crazy as I have seen other tints without a spec of dust under them....also could you recomend any tools

many thanks simon

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Guest Blade
I always seem to end up with a few spots of dust...

No such thing as a perfect window :thumb like wndo said...learn to live with it :thumb Just keepin' 'em to a minimum and detailing them out is pretty much all we can do. Occasionally we'll get lucky and have a near perfect job. :lol

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Guest Litespeeds

Contamination can occur from alot of different sources. Just because you rinse the floors down, there is dust on the exterior as well as the interior of vehicles. There is contamination inside the window tracks, the clothes that you wear, the fingers that you use to touch everything with, airborn dust particles and lint, imperfections in the glass that may not be visible by your n@ked eye, contamination in the film, etc. etc. etc.

If you can control some of these possible areas of contamination to decrease the chances of getting it on your tint job, then you will end up with a better, almost near perfect job but don't expect it to be "perfect" because it will probably never happen. :thumb:thumb

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