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Downunder Leo it is regularly advertised on radio for currently $70 USA when I do the conversion. Total bs :thumb But that's to get you in the door.

It has caused quite considerable grief within the tinting industry because customers do believe that they can get a film job for that now with lifetime warranties because they've heard it flogged numerous times over the airwaves.


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I once remember a member here from cuba or mexico doing cars for less than 20 bucks :nono

he ended up getting banned I think becaue he couldnt stand the ridicule we gave him.

:thumb:thumb:lol $20????????????? As I told my competitors: "Your next step will be FREE TINTIN' + BABE also 4 free???"

$20 :thumb

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I thought $70 sounded like a joke but $20!?

That will get your door trims taken off.

Over here theres guys doing it for $150-$180 for sedans but most quality shops start from around $240.

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Guest Litespeeds

I heard that in some of these 3rd world countries, the prices range between $20-$50 for tinting an entire car including the windshield. Most of those tinters make about $50 per week if I remember right. :thumb:thumb

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