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Gasket wizard


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I used them for years. They are great if you are by yourself.

Actually I used them up unti this year. The shop I work for has someone to help pull gaskets so its nice, but if I didn't have that, I would still use them.

It's all in which technique you use also. And what you've become comfortable with. Now after only 6 or seven months w/o them, I would have a hard time using them. :thumb

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Guest crewdog10

Which types of cars are they most useful on and which types are they useless on? :thumb I rarely have to pull panels and can usually get the film where it needs to go.

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Guest BCCwintint

It works on most cars. Some cars it doesn't. Like a car that has deep side gaskets, a Ford Taurus, for example. Or a car where the bottom gasket sits below the top of the panel. :thumb

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I have some and I use them on grand ams and aleros mainly.

:thumb These gaskets come out Soooo quickly though ...like under 30sec. each..

I Love the Gasket wizard on certain vehicles though..worth the money if your a full time tinter...forget the cost of it..you'll make it back in no time at all :thumb

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