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Nissan Sentra 2004

Guest N&Y Auto Tints

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This car has more curve to the back window than I noticed by just looking at it. Still no problem in one piece, but it took a few minutes longer to shrink than normal.

Also, for you panel pullers, these panels are a snap to remove, but you have to remove the arm rest/handle for closing the door, before removing the bezel that holds the window and door lock controls. There are two screws behind these parts, so they have to come off, but if done backwards, there is a chance of damaging that plastic bezel.

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Guest De4thMet4LKing00

I would say the hardest window on the newer Sentras are the small vent glasses because you have to shrink them. Not that they are even "hard", but just a little tricky to mess with and get right

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