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For those that have XM radio


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Guest tintslut

depends on the day,

saturday, sunday and 12 noon monday, XM144 nascar

saturday nites XM 41, da boneyard

XM 121, fox news, mornings

XM 150 , when an uplift is needed.

If you have dishnetwork, they offer select sirius channels starting at channel 6000

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Guest Marge

I've been seriously considering getting XM radio... how much do you guys pay per month? I saw something that it was only $9.99? That's a steal for all the channels you get.

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Guest tintslut

NEWS FLASH!!!!! COMING Oct. 1, I will have a new favorite channel on XM

"Starting October 4th, Opie and Anthony return to broadcast the daily show that made them the hottest team in nationally syndicated radio. After a 2 year hiatus, O&A make their triumphant return to radio, and tell their story on a platform that gives them the creative freedoms that don't exist over the public airwaves today. It's Opie and Anthony, and it's only on XM."

Channel 202, a premium channel, but well worth it :thumb

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