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WTB Huper Optik mini-roll

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Guest darkdan

Anyone want to sell me some? I got a guy that wants this specifically. Just email the price before/after shipping or whatever.

dannorte@dantheoilman.com Thanks.

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Guest huperoptikusa

Sorry Darkdan,

I dont know if anyone will take the risk of selling you a roll of film as it is against our corporate policy for dealers to sell film to other non huper dealers .

Please call me to see if you are interested in becoming a dealer.


Harry Rahman

888 296 3456 ext 102

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Guest Sprinter

darkdan its just one car don't sweet it, let it go you'd rip your hair out on the back window unless your the kind of tinter that is great at peacing film, in your world it would be like shrining 8 mil window film compared to what you shrink now, plus you'd have to charge your guy 4-5 hundred buck to make it worth your time and effort!

call hary and see if you quailify to be a dealer good luck!

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