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What's the freakiest thing...

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I just thought of this, even though it happened about a year ago...

Sometimes, when I tint a car, I get curious about what what the customer paid for their vehicle. One day I was tinting a 7-series BMW that was a few years old so I looked in the glovebox to see if there was a bill of sale.

What I found instead was an envelope with several slips of paper that read something like this (I don't remember EXACTLY, but this is close):


I didn't do anything about it :lol , nor did I mention it to the customer because I didn't want anything freaky to happen, but It really creeped me out, to say the least. :lol

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I was doing an install about 3 yrs ago. This guy was very well off for whatever reasons. It made me uncomfortable, but he said he trusted his money more with me then carrying it around. It was a bank bag with over $20K in cash in it. I never opened it but called and told him he left his deposit bag in the truck. I could see it was packed with cash. :lol

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Guest Blade

I found a butt-plug in a dude's car about a year ago. :lol Almost shiat myself.........almost needed a butt-plug so that I didn't. :lol At first I thought it was a small whip with a weird handle. The wrapper for it was still in the car. Good thing I looked at the wrapper.....I almost grabbed the butt-plug part of it.

There was another time when I found a box in the back of an SUV with a pr0no-tape and a tube sock sitting in it . :lol:lol:lol

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I tinted a girls camaro once and found a polaroid of a guy butt slamming her :lol she was hot too. needless to say all the workers were up front when she came to pick up her car :rollin this was at altamere back in 94 :rollin

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I cant believe people leave that stuff laying around like that.

wednesday I wa tinting a nuw chevy ext cab truck and in the back floor board there was this little red book called "100 ways to satisfy your man in bed" :lol this girl was about 19 years old also :rollin

where the hell were these type girls when I was young hung and full of &&&&&? :rollin

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Guest fastlanedesigns

You guys sure do lead interesting lives. Most exciting thing that ever happpened to me was when this dude tries to say he had over a hundred CDs in his car and now they are gone. We just said, sorry read the sign there that says: Not responsible for items left in vehicle.

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