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Tint thickness

Guest Justblazin

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Guest Justblazin

I have been using regular 5% on all my cars and all plastics are very thin.. my mom has mini van that has a thicker film...way thicker...I want to to know wher I can get it? ne one know?

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Guest metint

Thicker only implies better... it isn't necessarily so, though!

You can have a 1 mil (mil = 1000th an inch) film that could be poorly made and last 6 months and you can have a 1 mil window film that can last years. You can have a 2 ply 1 mil or a one ply 1 mil... 2 ply being a laminant of .48 mil = .48 mil...

The majority of available premium auto films (domestically) are 1.5 mil in construction.

Some manufacturer's believe it better to use 1 mil + 1mil to give the film the illusion it is of better quality and they cold be using the cheapest poly substrate available or it could be a non-weatherable poly.

Too many possibilities to come to a single conclusion that thicker is better...

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