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Please Help In Picking A New Business Name

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Which name do you like better?  

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  1. 1. Which name do you like better?

    • Auto Mall Tint Werks
    • Auto Mall Tint Specialist
    • Auto Mall Tint Shop
    • California Sunscreen

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Hello everyone,

I am dissolving my partnership and closing down Auto Mall Tint Factory and will reopen with a new name. Please help me choose a name for my semi-established shop of around 14 month.

I have another company called California Sunscreen that has been opened for over 16 years and don't know if I should use the same name or not.

At the same time, I am right off of Auto Mall Parkway and within 1/4 mile from the Fremont Auto Mall so I kind of want to be associated with the name Auto Mall.

My previous name was Auto Mall Tint Factory. Which name out of the 4 do you think would be to my best interest?

Thanks for your input and please be serious because I need to apply for this new name by Monday morning. Thanks everyone. :lol

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Guest FloridaTintChic

I like the werks but alot ofpeople wont know what it means and specialist sounds like your a specialist at tinting.I had to add auto or car to my name,ive been asked alot ,what hair tint do we sell lol 1-day tint so they thought we did hair color

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No way...You didn't pick the one I picked last time so....Bite me.... :beer

Which one was that OT? Was it Shady Tint or Tint Hole or something like that? :hmmm :inot :inot :beer

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