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Tint shops under fire

Guest Tint Masters

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Guest Sprinter

they were trashing the ones that don't say its illegal and then go and apply the film anyways to the fronts. these guys want their money back if they get ticketed! right, !

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If they don't tell the customer it's illegal, and they get a ticket. The shop should have to pay the ticket. That's called covering your own ass and being a responisble business. Either don't do illegal jobs, or get paid straight cash, no papers, no warranty no if's, ands, or buts.

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I guess I should stop automatically tinting everyone's windshield and telling them that it's alright.

I prefer not to tell them at all and make them think "the side windows just make it look darker" :lol:thumb

Don't tint illegal....This has been a public service announcement from someone that has no business talking :lol to others :bingo

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