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cutting board

Guest naughtydog

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Guest naughtydog

I am interested in seeing some of our members cutting boards/peelers.

I work off a small piece of angled glass , which is too small and does'nt help my tinting.

I am getting an old set of sliding windows and I am going to use them - mounted on either side of my bay horizontally.

Here is an an image of what I mean.


What do you have??


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I use a 3'x6' sheet of glass mounted on the wall, however if you do mobile work and like using a glass sheet, click on my Tip of the Week medal for a convenient way to do this :beer

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I am working on something tomm. after I get my door panels built. I have two bike mounts in the back of my truck near the tailgates. They are parallel to the tailgate where two bolts can go through. I am looking for a glass, but will build the frame and mount where the bolts just slide in and easily removed. When I get ready to tint, I simply flip the 4 ft wide by 5 ft tall frame/glass up and kick the lock over. There's my peel station. Right now I use the vehicle or a piece I carry around :beer

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Guest BCCwintint

I built a horizontal table with 60"x30" 1/4 inch tempered glass. Bought a bunch of lumber at Home Depot, nailed it together, painted it, slapped about 4 coats of Varathane on it, sealed the glass in the frame with GE silicone sealer, works great! I would prefer to have a vertical table, but it sure beats using the windshield. :beer

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