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wot to do........

Guest cool

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some rubber gaskets have metal inside them that de-form when u pull them and they never sit back straight again.

just wondering wot u guys do?

I heard that u can heat them and they go back to their shape?

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Guest Litespeeds

Probably should be more careful removing the trims so you don't have to worry about bending them back. If you have to, you might need to put them back on the track and use a pair of pliers and squeege the trim or take a mallot and pound it a little and hopefully you might get it back to shape. Good luck.

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BMW's are a prime example. I generally take a hook tool and work my way back and forth from end to end pulling up slightly until its loose. One the real tight ones.

On other where the door panel comes off like the BMW, use a panel popper or similar and get under and push up in the same slow manner. comes out without the slighest bend in it if done carefully. And trust me, these cars are easy to see damaged seals in. :lol6

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