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how much do you make?

Guest thetintshop

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Guest thetintshop

how much money do you make per hour? :lol let's see.

oh, wait, you say you don't get paid hourly? even worse---

if you get paid on the 1st and the 15th of each month, you work ONE FULL MONTH for FREE. (you get paid for 14 days the first half of the month, but you get the same pay for working 15, 16, or 17 days the second half.)

if you get paid once a month, you work ONE FULL MONTH for FREE. (there's 13 months in a year, not 12)

if you're on salary, guess what? you work ONE FULL MONTH for FREE. (ever notice your salary is "monthly", not yearly? ask for a YEARLY salary next time)

now back to you hourly people. let's say you make $10 an hour for an 8 hour work day. what do you REALLY make an hour.

20 minute drive to work, that equals 40 minutes a day spent driving to the job. 8 hours 40 minutes of work.

1 hour lunch unpaid lunch break. now we're at 9 hours 40 minutes.

now the hourly wage is $8.28 an hour.

the government gets 20% of the gross.

now we're at $6.28 an hour.

you spend $5.00 for lunch every day.

now we're at $5.76 an hour.

your car gets 15 mpg. you'll spend an average of $6.00 each day just in gas.

now we're at $5.14 an hour.

we'll allow a $25 per month allowance for work clothing/dry cleaning/ect.

now we're at $5.01 an hour.

(still think that job is so great???)

you're job is 15 miles from your house, wear and tear on your car at $0.25 per mile.

now we're at $4.23 an hour. :spit

$4.23 :lol for a $10.00 an hour job.

and we're not even including job related "stress relievers", soft drinks, snacks,using your car to go pick up lunch, day care (because you aren't there to raise your kids), health insurance, retirement plans, stock options, state tax (if you have to pay income tax in your state), equipment your job expects you to provide to be able to do your job, ect. if you figure those in, you might be actually LOSING money to go to work.

if you live further away than 15 miles, then it's even less. if you live closer, but stay stuck in traffic, it's even worse as far as wear and tear on your car.

this is if you work for someone else--don't even get me started on what you make per hour if you own your own business. :lol

think about this the next time you send your wife, or husband, off to their "well paying" job.

when my wife and I sat down and figured it out whether she should go back to work or stay home and raise our kids, we came up with a small sum of $200 a month. I said "for $200, I'd rather she raise my kids than someone I don't know from adam." once the kids are in school, this may change, but for right now, $200 just isn't enough to put my wife on the road for an hour everyday, and having my kids raised by a day care with a bunch of other snotty nosed rug rats.

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Guest nautiboi73
looks like you've said alot,

and have alot on your mind,

but I do understand what you mean, what possible solution do you think there is?  :spit

I say clone yourself and get a few jobs. worked in multiplcity(spelling)

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Guest tinterjim

Thats exactly why my wife quit her "well paying job" to raise the kids. You don't even want to know what day care costs for 8 year old twins with autism, plus a 19 month old :spit Money is tight, but I know my kids are safe, and thats more comforting than all the money in the world.

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I really think it is best for our kids today to have a stay at home Mom. People are just not willing to sacrafice the big home or nice car. I was very fortunate to stay home with my son until he started pre-k. Then I went to work full time :spit. I wish I could have stayed home part time even then, but I became a single Mom.

TTC :lol

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