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ok, I've got access to wiring info, etc.. the 'database' that I'm looking for is soething that's in printed form that a 'new' salesperson could refer to in a pinch to determine if a particular vehicle has an immobilizer and or requires a lock interface. any ideas?? we install ultrastarts. they have nothing like this available.. I know that directed has something similar, but we're not a directed dealer. any ideas? and I'm not looking to train this person on how to get the info from the web, it has to be at her fingertips like window tint pricing. :thumb thanks.

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Set up a shortcut on your desktop to go to Bypasskit.com. At the top you simply enter the year, make and model and it will tell you what it takes. If the vehicle doesn't show up, it doesn't need anything. You would think that would be easy enough, but the "sales staff" here can't handle that. I tried explaining what to look for in the keys but that was over their heads. Now, they just tell everyone on the phone to bring 2 ignition keys with them. They don't think it's right to charge them extra if they need a bypass piece, so it doesn't matter cost-wise if I use one or not. A 2004 chevy that gets a keyless/start pays the same amount as a 1990 chevy. :thumb

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