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Second Battery in the system

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I'd like to throw in a second battery too. Is wiring it in series with it grounded the only way, or would I want the pos connected in the power cable and just have the amps right to the negative?

Will any battery work? I don't care about getting the "Ultimate" battery I just want more power on tap.

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Guest nautiboi73

I don't reconmind that you get a second battery unless, first you use a isolator, which will switch the charge from the alt. between the two batterys when running. If not the charging system will see the second batery as an other load and will not over all be a benefit for the charging system.

It is not logical to put another battery in unless you want to play your music when the car is not running for extened periods of time.

Another fact is that battery are elctro chemical reactoins which takes more time than an elctrostaic reactoin. (CAP) I would suggest a cap unless all other things are done properly. the cap will work better and be less complex to install .

need more? I have the info for you.


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In my car I have a new alternater, new battery and a one farad cap. I am running two amps that are likely pulling around 900w rms. I took a voltmeter to different areas while running the car with the system on and off. The voltage jumps between 13.25 and 14.4 at the distrubution block on the box, this has a tendancy to make my deck skip when I run it hard.

1) Is one farad enough?

I want to prevent damage to my car's electrical systems and stop the deck from skipping. I re-installed the deck with weather stripping to hold it in tight and really clamped the cage in good, so I dont think its the vibration thats making it skip.

2) What would cause the skip?

When the car is warmed up, I dont have this problem but I still get a slight blink in my headlights. The last thing I want is to create problems from an investment.


Thanks for the .02! I love working on my stereo and I would like some more help if ya got it.

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Guest nautiboi73

rule of thumb is 1 fraud for every 500 watts.

as far as deck skipping. there could be any number of things that cause that. what type of car is it again? it may have poor bracing and the notes form your subs just really stress the built in dampers in your unit. what type of unit do u have and have u consider a changer?

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I have a lower-end Aiwa deck. (Prob answers it right there)

In my (dont laugh too hard but it gets 33mpg and has more horsepower as a base model car than the Civic ex) 98 dodge neon.

I have considered getting a different brand of deck and have a friend with the Best Buy employee discount. I hate their car audio though. It definately looks like I need another capacitor too. Would I be able to wire that in parralel to the existing 1 farad or must I get a 2 farad?

I am also getting a roll of dynomat. Would it be worthwhile to use that around the deck? I really cant afford to buy the wrong things or continue to blow money. My friend sold me his subs cause he got sick of dealing with this side of it. I have fun putting it all together, but I do like it to work when I do.

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Guest nautiboi73

better deck first and foremost.

all of your sound starts at the head unit. IF it stats out poor then it will never improve thought it's final stage, the speakers.

you have to have a good signal to start off with. Must.. it is a must.. get a dcent $150 name brand qualit deck. don't have to he high dollar but at least better than that one.

then see what's happening

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