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Heya, GuyZ&GalZ!

Do You really think that there are REAL DIFFERENCE between films? On my mind (I installed less than 1 meter of 4 mil window film in my life) the main in film is polyester from which it is made. But as I know only one window film manufacturer make polyester for window films, coat it, put on glue - make window film from A to Z. So others buy polyester. And buy in same places. And why there must be a difference in window films???? :gasp:lol:nope:lol

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I don't think there's a whole lot of difference.  As long as the price is about the same, and it's the same type film.  You can tell when you get cheap stuff in your hands.

Non, no, no. I don't mean cheap stuff. For example LluLlu & BSF (SolarGard) declare they use same polyester. So what can be different? As told my installers - there are difference between LluLlu & BSF. So....somebody is... :gasp

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:notwrthy Who is chef there?My Webpage

VK=HO :inot

Since it changes depending upon who can handle the extra volume, it would be anyone's guess... last heard Southwall did sputtering and Bekaert did coating and laminating... no one can keep up with where it is made... so today may be different. :inot

I am not so sure LLu and Bekaert use the same poly supplier... Mitsubishi (as they were known then) came up with pigmented poly... this offended their largest client, which led to the client changing suppliers. It is my belief that each, LLu & Bek, have now swapped suppliers. Not one can keep up with the demand CP has for poly.

There is another in the mix... Torre, Toureg, Torey, Torri ( :gasp don't know the spelling).

Nautiboi said it best... you can have all the same ingredients, but the chef makes the difference by how he uses the ingredients. :notwrthy

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