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Seat Alhambra / Ford Galaxy......uk mpv's

Guest Alfa 156

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Guest Alfa 156

Hi All.

New to this game so excuse the lack of everything needed to tint a rear :dunno

Having trouble with the wet tint method as this back glass on this MPV seems to just want to crease really badly in the corners......Normal place to get problems I know but this really is driving me mad.

Normally in this situation I'd just take my time and come out the other side with a nice back glass tint..........This one has me beat.

Anyone done one ????

Anything I need to know ????

Tried a dry shrink too. FAILED :(

Any help would be appreciated.



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Mate, all you have to do is master the dry shrink technique. Don't hesitate any longer, time to switch. For this particular car you want to use every cm of the glass for shrinking. Even melt some film in the corners at the side where the black paint is.

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ive never done any type of dryshrinking.....so duno on that one,I might have to give it a whirll cos its getting colder and I get fedup with getting wet feet,may be il use hot water for the winter months :dunno

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Guest Alfa 156
156 where are you in the UK.....

Stu 34#

Hi again guys.

Stu..........North East mate

Been practicing the Dry Shrink with a C3 and I have to say , for a gold fish bowl of a rear, its gone great and in 1 piece.

Having another go at the Seat Alhambra rear glass tomorrow, and thanks for the bits of advice.

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....dont worry mate...itl come,just takes time and a lot of practice....just dont beat your self up over waste and what is going to cost you,been there done that...it gets easier...believe me

Its all ways easier when someone shows you...but you know you can come here for help,ihave and still do :thumb

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