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Tuck or Pull?

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Is it just me, or does door the pannels on cars and trucks of the last few years getting easier to pull than in years gone by { Less pins and clips to break}? I learned as a tucker, except on a few cars but lately I have been pulling pannels more often because its faster and I dont have to worry about streaks on the door pannels of new cars. Dont have to keep as many spare pins and clips like back in the day. But I dont do the volume of most of you do!

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I'm a puller and have been since day 1.

I like doing it this way for a few of reasons.

a. I get down to the bottom and when the panel goes back on, there is never any chance of catching the bottom edge. Plus no moisture is around on the trim rubber to create a water finger later on when the car has left the shop.

b.I can move up and down the window immediately many times to check adhesion and that the film hasn't shifted on me.

c. If I spend the little extra time and effort on it at initial installation, I never have to repair a problem later on. That to me gives piece of mind and redos no-one loves.

And everyone would agree that if you could tint a pane without an obstruction in the way at the bottom, then this job becomes bliss.


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Guest nautiboi73
Yeah they do...Tip for the new GTO...The red thing on the lock plunger has to be pryed out a bit to get the lock lever off, which has to come off to pull it. You'll see what I mean.  Took me a while.

sounds like a tuck or slide job :uh

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I used to not pull pannels because it was to easy to break somthing or risk loose pannels :uh , but alot of newer cars the pannel almost fall off with the removal :uh? of a few screws.

Why didn't you ask OT? That little beauty is made downunder. I've got a wagon version of it.

Lot of the guys here block it in the corners but for me it is still not enough room. I pull!

Tip... buy few spares for they can break easily.

How were your knuckles over the rear speakers at the bottom of the rear screen? Scuffed to the bone? :uh


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