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It doesn't get any better than this.

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Eat your heart out guys....I've just had one of the best corporate repeat jobs you could ever imagine that makes this frustrating business all worthwhile.

All new glass (huge... 70M's) ) that 24 hours earlier was disgustingly dirty but they had cleaners in and brought it up so clean that I never even had to prep the glass. Just wetted and I was away. I've have never seen a job that clean that needed white matte. These guys were brilliant.

Then to top that off, one of the staff members asked me to join them in their corporate lunch in the conference room where I had a huge selection of sandwiches, soft drinks, fruit platter and coffee. Man was it hard to waddle back to the glass on a pigout :thumb and start up again.

:rock Devil having difficulty wheeling the barror to the bank. Who'd want to do cars? Mug's game! :rock

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Don't tell me the Devil has got one on ya TT? Fair suck of the source bottle digger and may all your chooks turn to emus and kick your dunny down.

Stone the crows for I've finally made it on ya and I'm going out tonight to celebrate. :spit

Devil :spit


you going to cornfuze that tt dev! :spit:lol6

congrats on the job dude :lol6

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I'm always scratching my mange when TT comes on. :lol

I have enough of a hard time trying to read his pronounciation without even understanding the literary side of things.

TFX is right ...bite my balls :lol

Anyway back there again for the second day and it was all laid on again for me. Pigged out again (feeding ones face) to the point that I nearly felt like having a technicolour yawn. (Spew/chuck):lol:DD


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:lol Heres a couple good ones

"White pointers : topless (female) sunbathers "

"Old fella : pen!s" :lol

"Not the full quid : not bright intellectually "

" who opened their Lunch? : OK, who farted? :coffee

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