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Hey there, I just got my car windows tinted yesterday. All the windows look great yet I noticed the back window looked different from the rest. I noticed on the top of the tint a beehive like bubbling and was told by the guy who did it that the beehive like bubbling is common when tinting over a factory tint. The guys said that it is moisture caught in between the tint and the window. I personally thinks it makes the car look crappy and un professional as the rest of the sunfire looks sweet. He told me to come back in a week and they will push/blow up the moisture I believe with a heat gun? Please get back to me and let me know what exactly caused this and how it can be fixed. I hope that this beehive bubbling is not permanent??? thanks Katie

first I can't belive that I copied this and it worked to get it here guess I'm getting better at the computer stuff! :eyebrows

girl e-mails me on this topic of matix, never heard it quite put this way it's a new one for me.

guess she did'nt like the awnser her tinter gave her, I should e-mail her and see what she paid for the job!

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