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'04 Jag X-Type deck removal


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Rear deck on these is right against the glass. Too tight and fuzzy to leave in. Fold the rear seats down using the release in the trunk. To remove the back seat side panels slide your hand in on the left side of each panel. (inside of driver's side, outside of pass. side) Push in the clip at the bottom of the plastic anchor. (in the first picture) Then the panel pulls out enough to gain access to side bolts that hold on the deck.

Then remove the bolts anchoring the child seat belt attachments.

The side pillar panels pop off from the top and pull up and out. The clip I'm holding out (in the second picture) slides up and out for panel removal. It's kind of a tight biatch to put back in though. :evilgrin

Then the rear deck will pop up and slide out. The sides where the seat belts run through can pop off seperately from the center of the deck.

The rear deck can't be completely taken out because there arent' slits for seatbelt removal. We just pulled it down and stuck it in the trunk while we tinted it.

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You can do them nice and clean with the deck in, especially with a metallized film, the NR is hard to push in there though. Another tip, wet it where it's touching the glass and push it down, sometimes it will loosen up a bit, and you can push it down while you are squeegeeing the water out of those areas.

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Guest haroldshouseoftint
I need help on how to remove the rear deck from my jaguar 04 x type. can anyone help

read the top thread in this post, although the picttures are no longer there, it is pretty self explanitory on how it comes out :lol2

:lol2 to the board

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