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What age did you start tinting?

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What age did you start tinting?  

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  1. 1. What age did you start tinting?

    • Under 10 years old.
    • 11-15 years old.
    • 16-20 years old.
    • 21-25 years old.
    • 26-30 years old.
    • Over 30 years old.

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I first tried my hands in tinting back in 1983 and did a few friends cars here and there for the fun of it. As I was going to college, I was studying Management Information Systems and after a couple of years, I wanted to be a programmer but I lost interest before I finished my Bachelors so instead I decided to open my own business and have never looked back. I was about 18 when I tinted my first car but 23 when I opened my own business. I shouldn't really say I have only 16 years experience because if I started back when I was 18 and I am not 40, I have 22 years under my belt. How about everybody else?

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I officially tinted a window when I was 11. inside a tint room back then we called it a LINT FREE room, although I was always taller than my same age friends, I fitted right there. my step dad worked at the tint shop we have now, after school I would go and hang out, help out, just like one guy around here said I was holding the tint, cleaning windows, prepping. wasnt till I was 14-15 that I did my first back glass. it was a Porsche 914 :thumb im kidding im kidding. it was a bmw 5 series it was easy. up until 99 I took some time off when I went off to college, when I was in college I was in san diego, I had to get part time job and school full time. my part time job wasnt helping me out at all, it wasnt for almost a year I dropped out of college and took over the business. ever since I been here. I rather get a head start in life than wait 4 years of college and do 4 more years of grad school and be deep in the whole with LOANs up my asscrack. so part of my decision of being a tinter has gone alright, but deep down inside I feel sort of bad of not continuing college. I plan to go back when there's time. hopefully.

my .02

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I'll be shocked if I wasn't the youngest :spank I was helping with the preping and the cleaning of windows for tint at age 8 with my dad being one of the first tinters in our area /province. 3 yrs later (age 11 I can honestly say was doing commercial /residential glass from beginning to end competently (yes cutting too :woowoo ) :spank

Tinting has been great to me :woowoo

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