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Mr paladin

ez tool tray

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Guest tint goose
I have never liked using a tool belt, so here is a quick easy way to keep all your tools together when tinting a car without worrying about damaging a car or it's interior, just grab a 20" tint box lid and throw all you tools in it, it's simple and easy to carry from one part of the car to the other.


at least that film is good for something ( the box ) :bling

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Guest zolar

post-11600-1113182137.jpgRUBBERMAID !!!

Drawer organizer $5 at wally world

Check out the olfa blade box, for a blade holder

chizlers hiding behind sanding block

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I have always used my tupperware container :thumb? I have started to outgrow it with new tools so I am going to have to get a larger one soon.?

TTC :thumb


Or spend 7 bucks.. :thumb



I have the same box. It has been sitting unused for a couple of years now... but I am a fan of the belt.

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