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Omega Remote Start

Guest wmledford

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Guest wmledford

I installed an Omega RS-7K2 on a 1998 Subaru Legacy about 18 months ago. It worked perfectly until about 2 months ago, then it wouldn't remote start. When the start button is pressed, the parking lights flash once (like it should), then they flash 3 times rapidly. Is this a trouble code? I have checked all wiring, and it is OK. The door lock/unlock works normally. I have lost my instruction manual, and Omega's website only lists an RS-7K, which programs differently. Can anyone help?

Thanks, Mike

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Guest wmledford


Checked it already, but I'll check again just in case. Thanks.


Checked the hood switch. It's OK. Anybody got any suggestions before I rip it out and install another one? :lol

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