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Guest Readyman

I think that whoever was writing those remarks is an idiot. If you read what the UN official said he did not make any direct comment about the US efforts (at least in what stories I have seen).

Years ago the UN was trying to get the wealthier countries to contribute 0.7% of their Gross Domestic Product to poor, underdeveloped countries.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the broadest measure of aggregate economic activity and encompasses every sector of the economy.

To date, most countries only contribute 0.1-0.2%, yet there are a few nations such as Denmark and Sweden that meet the UN goal of 0.7%.

What does the US give? 0.13%

I do agree that those who are critical of the US for not spending enough money on foreign aid should back off unless they are willing to start handing out their own money.

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