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business credit cards

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Anybody use a business credit card for the majority of there business purchases ? with many of the suppliers these days accepting credit cards we are thinking about starting off the new year using a business card to make all of our purchases from accessories, paper towels,to tint and trying to take advantage of some of the travel benefits.I am just starting to compare some of the different cards.What do you use :thumb

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I've always used nothing but credit cards for business purchases whenever possible. Makes it easy for bookwork, plus less check-writing. Just your basic Visa. I should have got one of the promo cards long ago, but now you can't find one without a fee, so it's pretty much a wash on the benefits as cheap as flying is now. Plus I hate coupons, specials, etc....

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I use cheque only... I have thought about changing to credit card...guess I'm just used to the way I do things...anyone that knows me ...know how much I hate change :thumb:krazy

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I've always used nothing but credit cards for business purchases whenever possible.  Makes it easy for bookwork, plus less check-writing.  Just your basic Visa.  ....


OT I figured if nothing else the itemized statments would be nice plus I write alot of dam checks and getting tired of it.

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I am not good at change either TW but I am willing to try some new things if it will benift me in the long run.


Yes..I hate change...but I should have thrown in that I always keep an open mind :inot

I just find that no matter what aspect of life I refere too, change a lot of the time isn't for my benefit.

Like when the phone company automatic voice teller says "You now have 5 options to choose from to serve you better"

I was served better whe nI go a real live person :hide

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