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Film for goods?

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Just wonder what kind of deals/trades you have made with other business'  It comes to mind as I am out the door to film this little italian restaraunt.  After the job is done, I'll be into some great itallian food for the rest of the year  :40


I've made a few trades in the past -mostly with local restaurants-like you-but then there was this one dancer chick-- :dunno

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Same as OT... I have made a few exceptions ...but it's when I genuinely wanted something...and I get a deal for doing the barter.

For example..I had an alarm installed on my RV and rust proofing in exchange for tinting the owners truck and car...I feel did good out of that one ..

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Guest Key West

I tinted a computer store last February, about 375 square feet of glass. In exchange, I got all of the parts to build this computer. Athlon 3200 processor. 2 gigs of pc3200 RAM, 2 200 gig hard drives and a kick ass ATI all in wonder 9800 vid card. And a great motherboard and case.

Probably the first trade out deal I DIDNT get screwed on. :twocents

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