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Wow, Eyes Wide Open!

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I haven't spent much time here lately, so I'm missing the sarcasm and regular rants and raves of the regulars. Soooo, since I have been coming here, I have noticed many new things that I just cant help! This is how you have all infiltrated my psyche: (the observances of a newbie)

1. Most local tint shops slap cheap tint and don't know what all is out there.

2. Most consumers have no idea that their blue and purplized tint looks like a$$!

3. Ppl will invest thousands of $'s on accesories, upgrades, and customization and then settle for a $119 tint job! :krazy

4. I own an Acura and belong to an enthusiasts board, and I see some sweeeeet rides! Look closely though, and often notice a novice tint job or the selection of film that just doesn't do the car justice. It blows my mind! If everyone knows/desires to tint the car (which they all do), and these cats are "obsessive" about their customizations and products, why are they skimping on good film and installers. (Many do it yourselfers I suspect, and mostly illegal jobs) None the less I find it a nuisance, and it is all this board's fault!!!! :krazy

5. I wonder if you guys/gals just have higher standards, or am I in a bad location, or are all of you super meticulous/ocd about your work and materials, or is there an overall lack of awareness yet in the general population about the benefits of quality tinting?

Interestingly, Hybrid and full metal films are not very common in the Central Michigan area, I suspect cuz everyone wants something cheap, so when I start getting my HP and ATR films on my rides, I expect to be in an elite group of minorities locally. We'll see if anyone even notices.

Glad to be here and to have found you all, I think... :bling:bling

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Guest tintgod


That is by FAR the best post by a non-tinter ever on this board.? You hit the nail on the head Leader, and now understand the frustrations of this group of mostly (always exceptions) fine tinters.? Definitely appreciate those comments.? :lol


OT hit it on the head....that is one of ..if not the best post by a non-tinter..I just wish everyone that comes to this site can read and can learn from his post .. :lol to you LEADER'S

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Thanks! :lol

Just paying attention to the jist of everything instead of just snooping for a single-minded purpose helps alot. Plus the love of a splendid tint job made into the reality of the artform that you all have exposed me too.

I always admired good work, generally in the southern and coastal states, but you all have hammered it home and made the business end a reality to me. :lol


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