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2005 Vette

Guest AutoAppearancesInc

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Guest AutoAppearancesInc


No PPF work for months and now I am getting installs like crazy!!!

I also have a ( <snip> ) Install on a 2005 vette.

The only issue I see is THAT HUGE MIDDLE and LOWER Bumper sections.

I ordered the kit with the middle and lower sections joined. No Split sections.

What is the best way to install these sections?

I was thinking of doing the following .

Get it lined up with the turn signals.

Tack it in the center.

Then work on one side lining it up with body lines.

Then do teh same on the other side.

I am really guessing on this one!!!!

Any Advice on this one too?

Thanks in advance.

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That method seems to work well.  Should have no problems.


So how did that 05 vette turn out going that way I have one next week and I'm having second thoughts ........ any advise from any :bling

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Guest Clear_pro

I did one this last month and it turned out wonderful just use what you know and you can get through it. If ever in doubt on how to do an install take it slow, don?t be in a rush. Every design house has there own way to install there kits. Figure out what the designer?s intent was weather you start in the middle or coast to coast play with it a bit.

I attached a Picture of the final product if you would like to see

Good luck



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