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dry soap ?

Guest roadrat

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The shrinking part is more like powder than wet, the film only sticks to the glass where you smooth it down, until then it floats like dry, but when you finish an area, it's all laying down flat as if wet.

To do it, just get a shop towel wet and lather it up with some bar soap, smear it all over the window in a light coat and let it dry (it dries very quickly).

Use a horizontal anchor like normal, but don't use water for it, you wont need it. If you are in a dusty area, right before you lay the film onto the glass, lightly wipe the window for dust with a dry towel after the soap is dry to get better 'stick'.

It's just like using dryersheets, but it works better and is not toxic like the sheets.

Also, to finish up, I'll use a black teflon card to manipulate any areas that need it.

One big advantage of this technique is the ability to remove small creases that would be impossible to remove wet shrinking.

If you get a small bind crease, ignore it or them and finish shrinking the film. Once you are done shrinking, use a teflon card to drag a bubble of air underneath any minor crease, pass the heat gun over it, and smooth it away with the teflon card.

Once you get the hang of it ( it's easier to learn that wet or powder) I guarantee you will never go back to wet shrinking.

check out this thread: http://www.tintdude.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15417

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Guest metint
the black ones are more pliable than the white. gold will work but they scratch the heck out of the liner.


The gold one is made of a material that withstand temps about 200 degrees higher than the others. :lol

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I don't even use a shop towel to lather the soap anymore. I just lather it up in my hands and then smear the soap on the back glass with my palms. Keeps my hands clean too :lol My installer uses a shop towel though, he's found that you only need to lather the soap up in the towel maybe once every couple weeks. Just rewet the towel slightly with every back glass and there's enough soap to work well. :lol

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Guest roadrat


im retiring from my regular job, and need to supplement my income and I want to work for myself. dont want to be on anyones clock anymore. I tinted for awhile in my garage now im looking for a shop to get started. :lol6

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