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Looking for Work - CO or Other

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For the last 7 years, I've done automotive and flat glass tinting in Florida. However, after graduating with a finance degree last summer, I thought I would move to Colorado (with family) and enjoy the weather until I found work as a Financial Advisor. Unfortunately, that plan was flawed, since it seems you need to have 3-5 years experience right out of college in order to gain employment in that sector of the industry.

Therefore, I am falling back on my trade and hoping there is someone near Boulder, Colorado or in a WARMER state (Colorado is no longer paradise) whom has enough work available (preferably flat glass). If so, I would like to speak with them. To give you a heads up though, I do not currently have a car or the money required to relocate. College nearly sucked my bank account dry and the last six months have finished the job.

I can be reached at : psfilms@hotmail.com

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