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Best tint for 2005 Toyota Prius

Guest ruthie

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I just bought a new 2005 Toyota Prius and you may or may not know the sort of rabid following this hybrid car has. Anyway, although there is UV filtration in place - there is no or not much "tint" to this vehicle.

I live in FL where the sun is RELENTLESS. I also use Retin-A on my somewhat senstive pale skin and therefore don't want any "rays" to hit my face.

This vehicle needs tint. Mostly other prius users recommend not to tint - my husband really doesn't want me to (because of the ugly tint jobs around) however its my car and my face.

I live in Tallahassee and it seems as there are only 2 long time tinters around. I chose one that has the 3M product.

It seems around here there are only 2 choices - 3M or sunguard (or maybe its solarguard)

I want no expense spared here and am willing to pay for the best.

My question - is this 3M product the BEST? I'm willing to travel a few hundred miles (say to jacksonville or naples, or somewhere in ga if need be)

Thanks for tolerating such a rookie newbie

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Guest Soultinter

Your probably gonna get a lot of different opinions on this subject but to ease your burden I suggest this, Pick the best film made by either company (who are both excellent manufacturers) and look at the work of whichever longtime tinter to be sure the quality is where yo want it.

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We aren't able to recommend one brand over the other on this site.

No need to travel great distance due to "brand name" You'll be fine with any magor name out there...whichever you feel most comfortable with..research by phoning and talking to the actual tint shops in your area ..see which ones gives you the most confidencewith thier experience and information they give you.

Just for the record though ..unless you have medical exemption (for some stated only) ..you are not allowed to tint your windshield :bat

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Guest tint rookie

nike reebok ford chevy they all make low end and high end products. as long as you are using the high end @ least semi metallic film from a well known name in tint (which it sounds like you are, just avoid straight dyed films) you'll be fine. just make sure you find a good installer, thats where most the cost of tinting your vehicle is anyway.

sounds like your on the right path. do some phone shopping, ask some friends or local dealerships who does their tinting to get some reffeerences, and avoid the cheap prices, they are ususally the hack shops, ask for warranties in writting, ask how long before you can schedule an apt. (shops that are busy, are usually busy cuz they do better work, and most people are willing to wait fo quallity if their car is worth it)

in closing, when it comes to price, youre car is an investment, you probably financed it for how long? break the cost of the tint up over the time its financed for, whats a few extra bucks a month to have a high quality film installed by a high quality installer?

enjoy your tint, for as long as you own your car without having to have it redone a couple years down the road. :bat

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Thanks so much to all of you. I belong to the various Prius forums and someone suggested a huperoptik. I looked around and saw that it claims you can see better at night and it blocks more heat? Anyway I'm not asking for your opinions if you aren't allowed to give it.

I have an interesting story. - And NO I AM not going the Cheap route. Since I my husband is reluctant I don't want to take the chance of botching it.

I called the every single one of the tinting places in town (there are really only 2 or 3 reputable - been in business a long time)

the longest/best one said - no we don't carry it

every single person on the list said no - EXCEPT

One who said "oh yeah we carry that - come on down -"

I called the huperoptik distributor for FLA and there is nobody in this town that carries it!

Anway I'll probably go down to Naples to see my sister and have someone down there do it. Hey - its still in florida!

I did give the receptionist at the long standing company the info for this product in case they want to look into it.

Is it all hype? anybody know about it?

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I am night blind :bat. If night vision is a problem I would stick with 35% of any major brand. I have tinted my car with 35% all the way around and can see fine. Now Mr Paladins (another member on the board) truck has limo (5%) on the back and I have a hard time at night :bat!

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Anway I'll probably go down to Naples to see my sister and have someone down there do it.? Hey - its still in florida!?

Is it all hype?? 


When in Naples look for the place on Hwy 41 just beyond the Goodlette Blvd intersection. If that tint shop is still operating and has an owner by the name of Peter... deal with him. He is an excellent tinter and businessman. His location was a landmark tint shop going on 19 years when I left Naples in 96. If it's not there, call Collier Window Tinting (I once owned it) and ask for Eli. He may not be doing cars, but he can certainly direct you to a reputable auto installer in Naples. There's another Hispanic guy off Airport Road (Enterprise Rd I believe) that is very good, too. His name eludes me.

35% visible light transmitted film of any major name brand window film will serve you just fine both day and night driving.

Good luck :bat

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