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Help with Carbine CA-400 - Can't start car!

Guest 96XJ

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Hello everyone,

Well, I bought a 96' Jeep Cherokee a few months ago and decided to change the old battery when my keyless entry system began to malfunction (doors would sometimes not lock or unlock when I hit the remote button and I was told my battery was going bad). I didn't even know I had a car alarm at this point; I just thought the remotes where for locking and unlocking the doors!

So, I put the new battery in and...BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, etc.

The only thing that shuts the damn thing off is disconnecting the car battery or opening the driver side car door and leaving it open, and now I can't even start the car with the battery connected because the ignition and everything else is dead. The remotes won't shut the alarm off and niether does turning the key in the ignition.

I've found the alarm brain and a little on/off switch under the dash, but the switch won't turn it off either!

At this point, all I want to do is be able to drive the damn thing to work tomorrow. I know nothing about alarm systems and can't find anything about the carbine CA400 online. Is there some way for me to bypass it all so I can at the very least drive my car?

Please help! Thanks in advance :-)

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Well, turns out the battery change somehow engaged the alarm system. The vallet switch is reversed, as well, which makes the whole thing even more confusing. Now I have a working alarm and car, which is better than before :inot

Here is the info that helped:

Subject:car won't start


I have a 1994 Lincoln town car with a 2 button remote. I belive it is factory. The remote will work to unlock door, truck. buT the car will not start. It sound like thing click but the starter dose not start. I have tryed the bypass button and starter will not engage. If you keep trying sometime the starter will engage and the car will start.

I have noticed that before this happend that when I would turn the key to start the car it would take about 2 seconts for the starter to engage. Can you help??

Thanks Lonnie Sedge my remote code no. is





It does not sound like a factory system from Ford.

They'res does not have a starter k1ll relay inline.

So ok, let's try this first.

Put the key in the ignition, and turn forward

all the way just before cranking. Then within

5 seconds, press and hold in the valet/overide

button, found under the dash area,

until the installed LED (the blinking light)

in your dash area comes on solid.

(Your valet switch might be the toggle (on/off) type.

in this case, key on, flip switch in oposite direction,

key off.)

This should be valet. This overides

the starter k1ll relay in the alarm harness,

and returns the car back to disarmed mode.

The only thing that will work now on your system,

is the keyless entry if installed.

Just Repeat these steps to rearm your system.

If however I am wrong, then the "factory" system.

To disam the "factory" system

when going off, go the the drivers door,

put the key in the lock, and turn all the

way to the left, then to the right. This will

disable the horn and headlights until the next

time. It can be permanantly disabled by

grounding a single wire in the drivers side

kick panel.

(it's a light green/purple wire.

Splice into it, and ground to the chassis

of the car.)

Once done the Ford system will not be

a problem any longer.

But from the sound of it,

it's an aftermarket system here.

Let me know what you find out.



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