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Guest Total tint

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Guest Total tint

Man this is weird have a new baby in the house again getting up all hours feeding changing diapers no sllep having to spread my time out evenly with my 4 year old being quiet but...................................I WOULDNT CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yeah especially when they start growing up and you look back on things like that adn you wish they were still little. it may seem like a pain in the butt now but you will laugh at all the things that happend when you reminisce about them.

I used to think before we had kids, man how am I gonna handle this everything is gonna be so much different from now on. now its the complete opposite I think how crappy and boring my life would be without my 2 boys and I cant imaging a life without them :beer

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Guest thetintshop

I look back and think about how quiet it used to be around here. :lol6

and how I had more money to blow on MY toys. :rollin

and how we could eat out whenever we wanted. :dunno

and how I used to NOT know the theme song to franklin and dora by heart. :lol6

and how I had no idea that beaudreaux's butt paste existed, much less what it was used for. :inot

and how my wife used to have manicured nails and carried a purse instead of a diaper bag. :inot

and how my wife had long hair, because she actually had time to mess with it. :inot

and how I had a nice car and truck, instead of a SUV (aka station wagon) :broken

and how my carpet didn't have little spot stains from sippy cup leakage. :beer

but you know, all you need is your 18 month old to run up and hug your leg, or have your 3 year old look you in the eyes and say "I love you daddy" :lol6 , and all that other crap doesn't matter at all. :lol6

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Guest Total tint

Man theirs nothing like that feeling is it tts? How you know that you'd lay down your own life to protect them from harm or you'd spend the rest of your life in prison if someone ever did I went to my 4 year olds room the other night to make sure he was covered up andstood there for a few minutes and was amazed at how fast time has gone since he was born . It's an amazing feeling :spank

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