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xv 791 truck starts then it shuts off then starts

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viper 791 xv

I need help my truck started fine at the shop and now that I am home the truck starts then shuts off then starts then shuts off like a cycle but the car actually starts..

I dont understand I am wondering if it has anything to do with the alpine car stereo that I have

current setup is alpine mobile head unit iva-d300 with two amps to capacitors and two 10 inch the capaciotrs led remain on after the car is off awaiting to drain below 12

what do you folks think the only thing that was recently done to alarm was adjust the shock sensor

from my knowledge the original shop that installed this did not use a tachwire however today this was corrected with another shop I really need help with this as its very cold outside. thanks in advance

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Update it appears that the tach wire used for this was connect to the white/blue tach cable on the car

however I logged into directed website and managed to locate an important not DO NOT USE WHITE/BLUE TACH wire .. so I moved ot over to the orange/white problem seems elimniated we will see for sure during trials through out the day..

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