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Portable cutting table

Guest sniper_007

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Guest TintPoser
for flat glass tinters

do any one have a design for a portable table that can be moved in big projects






If you're dead-set on using tables, these portable tables are the b*mb, weighing in at 48 pounds (20-21kg) each. Two 32 x 72 inch tables work wonders as a table cutting operation goes.

A metal strip can easily be attached for knife cutting along the edge or leave the edges wood and use a ceramic cutter to cut thicker films than residential/commercial such as safety film.

You can dry laminate some film to the top surface after laying out some rule markings for measuring purposes. The film laminated down gives you an scratch resistent coating surface up, allowing you to place your film to be cut SR down so as to minimize slipage during cutting.

I much prefer paint protection film for a protective table top coating because the film will stick SR or liner side, once positioned for cutting, with a simple sweep of the hand across the film piece surface.

You also avoid a couple of safety issues notable when using a filmhandler cutting device.

Either of these methods have their ups and downs, pros and cons, if you will.


What's wrong with pulling out of the box?

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