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Is this understandable?


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I dont know what the deal is here in texas...people here are stupid or what :poop I made this so I CAN SPELL IT OUT FOR THEM.

A am gonna hang this on the wall at work because people are stupid and dont understand jack shvit. I thought if I showed thm a picture they would understand :lol2

Any input :shock anything else I should put on it :shock does that look simple enough :poop

I am gonna make one for MPV`S when I find a pic.


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talk about confusing look at this.

this says inspection stations only need to check the front doors and the front windshield and make sure the tint is not below 20% and to not check the back rollup windows :thumb why not make it 25% like the law says AND check the back windows :thumb untill they check the back rollups also then we are p1ss1ng in the wind.

Then the official law says 25% net on the doors :bat

The inspecion says one thing and the offical wording in the law says another. pretty stupid.


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If I were doing it, I'd just have the percentages of what can be installed...not what the net % is. Creates too many questions to be answered. :thumb You're gonna have alot of customers expecting that they can have 25% installed.

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so it would be better with 35% instead of 25% net?  try and not get too technical :bat I see what your saying though.


That's how I'd do it. But that's just me. :thumb Make 2 of 'em. Test and see how the customers react. If the 25% net pic creates issues then switch. :thumb

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