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dear TTC


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I can't even bring myself to try to sleep tonite, I can't deal with it anymore , I tried to wach TV and got disgusted...there is something seriously wrong with the world, am I the only one that sees it?


It's too easy to get discouraged about the world whe nwatching TV...news is usually ALL bad because it's what makes veiwers happier about thier own life...if someone else is worse off..you don't think your as bad off.

Either become a marter of life and attempt to change the world as you see fit...or die trying to...or life in the positive world created in your own universe ...suround yourself with positive things, habits,friends ..as you feel and live on the inside..you will experience the positive on the outside. There will always be bad and negative in the world ..as thier will always be good .

It's like yin and yang one cannot exist without it's counterpart... aknowledge the negative..but ambrace the positive :dunno

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Well said TW :lol2

I understand how TD feels though. The only way I can sleep at night is to shut everything out but a really good "something". I make myself not think neg thoughts. Now, I usually fall asleep daydreaming of I would really like to happen...

Oh and I rarely have bad dreams anymore.

Sometimes... well, enough said :bs

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