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Shop owners. From the pictures a few of you have posted of your shops I have noticed many of you use a multi bay format. I am not familiar with this type of detail shop, though I am intrigued. I am more familiar with the mobile or the drive through type each person has a job along the assembly line type of place.

The open bay types like I have seen in the photographs look like they may be a more high end detail shop. Am I correct in my assumption? Can you guys give me a feel for the types of business you do? What side businesses aka. Paint chips, carpet die, windshield repair ect.?


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for my business we mainly do window tint and auto performance so we have alot of walk in traffic and we are also next to a wash it yourself car wash so we get customers from there that really dont want to get dirty and dont want to wash their own cars so they just come over and pay us to detail it. we also just set up a deal with a earl scheib paint shop down the street from us where for their customers that are not happy with their orange peal pant jobs (most of their customers) can have us wet sand and buff their car.

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