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I've seen references to different types of film adhesives here, could you technically gifted dudes give me a breif 101?

I got the impression that different brands behave differently, true?

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PS = Pressure sensitive adhesive, which is known as a mechanical adhesive (sticky, ready to bond)only in need of a slip or positioning agent to install. Pressure sensitive means just that, it's 'pressure' sensitive. The more force/pressure used against it, the stronger the bond. This is why it is important not to limp wrist this during the squeegee process and leave water hanging around in its environment.

DPS = Detactified pressure sensitive, which is the same as PS only it has a detactifier on its liner that stays with the adhesive when the liner is removed. Keeps the sticky nature of PS protected until the installer washes the detactifier away with application solution.

PSA = Pressure sensitive acrylic, which is the seriously aggressive (very sticky) adhesive you find used on safety and security film. Its coating weight is much greater on the film surface than standard PS adhesives, which leads to visual distortions when viewed at an angle (some films have little to no distortion). This can be said for standard PS adhesives, too, though not as pronounced.

All PS type adhesives are sensitive to foreign substances in their environment, making it very important to choose a slip agent that is as chemically neutral as possible. PS adhesives also are known not to deal with hot and cold variations in temperature well. Kind of like taking a rubber band and pulling and releasing it over and over in time to the point it snapping. They are a flexible, adhesive cushion that suspends film slightly off the glass surface. In the case of PS you would see a melt down wash board look to it when it has lost its battle with temperature, expansion and contraction and gravity. Trapped foreign substances in their environment generally cause them to go fuzzy. This can also occur from moisture in its environment for too long a period of time after install (although the effects are not seen for years)

Dry, chemical adhesives, aka CD, CDF, CDA, etc., are the only water-activated adhesives used for window film products. They are optically clearer than PS adhesives and form a molecular bond to the glass through a chemical reaction to water, expanding into the glass pores and hardening or crystallizing to anchor the film in place. These adhesives are not sticky to the touch, nor does an installer frequently get the chance to 'feel' any tacky nature to these type adhesives. They need water to activate, and a no-soap slip agent for installation and heat to cure. Once cured and anchored to the pores of glass it expands and contracts with the glass and the polyester without interference from hot and cold temperature variations and without gravity affecting it.


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