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A hole in my tint

Guest americanbb

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Guest americanbb

Hey all,

I'm new to this forum and it seems like you guys have years upon years of know-how. Well as opposed to most of your advice, I decided to tint my windows myself anyways, with a charcoal grey tint. I'm 16 and can't afford to pay someone to do it. I've just recently tinted the two rear windows on my 95 Caddilac STS, the first one turned out great, the second one, I let a friend do it for a few minutes so I could rest my hands and he put a huge crease right in the middle! As if that wasnt enough, I thought I could cut it and smooth it out, well long story short, I wound up with a hole the size of a square inch in the middle of the window.

I was wondering, what are my options here? Is there any way I can fix this without using a new sheet of tint? If that's what I have to do, then I will, but as I said, I'm broke and cant really afford any extra. Heck I've even been peein in the gas tank just to keep her running. Any help I'd appreciate a bunch. Thanks you guys.



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you have to put a new piece on whan you destroy what you have on by putting holes in it.

There is no way to "southern engineer" tint to make it look good. just keep redoing it a coupole hundred or thousand times untill it suits you :beer

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Guest thetintshop
hows is this guy broke?

cadillac sts? 96?

what the hell? :beer


:beer you can pick one of those up around here for about $2500. complete with a coathanger for keeping the trunk shut.

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