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Tint God coming for a Visit


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Tint God is finally visiting his old stomping grounds!!! We are getting excited for his return. Tint God, a.k.a. bullshitter, is a good friend of mine. Hopefully we will get together for some good beers & bbq, and photos. We can post them so you all can have fun photoshoping them all!!! I'll try to post a picture of my new shop sign. Hopefully it will load.


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Guest tintgod
maybe cuz it looks kickass..and its better then your :lol


I have no name, and no sign. All I have is this cage they lock me in for 10 hours a day and tell me to tint.



sucks to be you... :cool

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And I wasn't saying that it was a fake, just that it looked different.  Is it neon or what?

Most of the signs around here are still painted on with whitewash from back in the day  :cool


It is neon. The autoshades part is painted with a halo glow behind it, then window tinting is open frame neon. I know when I saw the picture I thought to myself it looks like someone photoshopped it in there, but I don't know photoshop myself, and besides, I have too much work to do then to put a fake sign on the net. I'm just really impressed by the looks of the sign.

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