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Guest redwagon

Hi all,

First time, long time. Been reading these forums for a year or two off and on. My old username, stainbuster, not working but since the recent aquisition of the new 745 turbo, I am now redwagon.

8 years servicing preowned auto dealers with "Maroney" labels/buyer's guides, internet photos, inventory hosting & management. 4 years ago, began adding carpet protectors, headlight restoration, some trim and interior recon, and the like. Shortly thereafter began offtering detailing and reconditioning to a select, very loyal clientele (all retail).

However, I have never done a tint job. Never even tried. But I'm always up for someting new.

There's a lot of good info on these forums and I look forward to adding ideas and learning lessons.


Mike Robbins

RG Enterprises, Inc.

SticKars, Inc.

"Get That Great New Car Feeling!"

Proudly serving SWFLA

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