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Cleanining rollups and fixed small quater glass

Guest chip01

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Guest chip01

I am having problems with my technique for cleaning rollup windows and fixed glass especially small quarters. Can anyone give me by a step by step guide to get these windows as clean as possible to eliminate chances of contamination. I find it hard to get the black squeegee around the tight spaces in quarter glass think I am pushing the dirt the wrong way. Please make it simple

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Guest tintgod

tinting isnt simple...it is all trial and error...none of us old timers had a site like this to run too wene we had problem..we just kept at it..//so ..just keep at it..you will get it..maybe...and maybe not...and try reading the site a little.. :thumb

also..you are not going to get alot out of ppl here without a location..where you from?

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Guest Tintbds

Wipe area clean with damp.

clean with single blade.

spray with soap solution.

scrub with brillex.

clean down with spreader.

As TG said keep at it develop what works for you.

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Guest thetintshop
No slamming your method...I was always under the impression that green pads scratched glass :gasp


they do. they make little tree branch looking scratches all over the glass.

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