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Some basic questions (New guy here)

Guest BigBlockElectra

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Guest BigBlockElectra

:hmmm Hi

I have a 1976 Buick Electra Limited 4 door hardtop that I am going to start spiffing up. Here are a couple questions I have.

1.) The car is old and has quite a few scratches on the glass, I have no idea how they got there, I also have a 1978 Lincoln Continental that has no scratches. Should I attempt to buff out the scratches before I have the windows tinted, or should I not worry about it? The scratches don't bother me, but I don't want to have any problems for the tint guy so I'll ask here first.

2.) Do you remove the windows or doors from the car when applying tint?

3.) I think the legal Washington limit is 35%. Does anyone know of a tint shop in Washington state (I'm in Renton) that will tint darker than 35%? I don't want to be able to see through both windows, I want the windows to be dark and keep as much light out of the car as possible. I know some places will not tint darker than 35%.

4.) I also have a question about glass sealer. Do you guys know of anywhere I could get new felt strips and weatherstrips for all 4 windows? I'm talking about the ones that are pressed up against the bottom of the glass near the bottom of the window frame. The guy I bought the car from put some sort of tar in there and I hate it.

5.) The car has rear quarter windows. I'm assuming they would be able to do those as well?



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answered in order :

1. Forget about the scratches..you won't get them out if they're deep and you'll spend countless hrs on them if they are just surface.

2. Most tinters don't ...very,very few will. It's not nessesary

3. Keep it legal. Keep it Legal. Keep it Legal. Any reputable shop will obey the laws and persuade you to do so as well.

4. Any Glass , auto ulpolstry shop should be able to ..or know who will for you .

5. Yes.

As Apu says on the Simpsons : "Thankyou , come again " :hmmm

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There are a couple members here from Everett, Wa. But you should stay legal. If shops keep tinting !llegally then eventually tinting will be !llegal alltogether. We (in Washington) could end up with some screwed up law like what other states have experienced. The law here is not that bad.

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Guest BigBlockElectra

I want to keep it legal, but the main reason I want the tint is so people can't see me, a couple guys at my school have 35% tint and you can see them and you can see right through the windows, it seems pointless. There are others that have 15% or something like that, and you can't even see in those when you walk up and press your face on the glass. I don't need it to be that dark, just dark enough. The quarter window gunk doesn't matter since that's all on the outside of the glass and they would be putting the film on the inside of the glass. right?

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I want to keep it legal, but the main reason I want the tint is so people can't see me


This is the VERY quote that ends this topic. You want your cake and eat it too.

There's a reason the law is what it is in your state ..so the cops CAN see through ...sorry to burst your bubble ...but your no exception to being above your state law.

Yes..you'll be able to get it darker from a hack you has no respect for the law...but you want to keep it legal as quoted...so that isn't an option.

Anything else on the subject will just be talking in circles. :thumb

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well I wouldnt want to be seen in that car either. lol,jk y dont u ask those guys who have the dark tint where they got it and there is a 20% that is between 35 and 15.

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there is a 20% that is between 35 and 15.


This defeats the purpose of the fact that he wants to keep it legal..20% won't be legal where he's from ..just like 34%,33%,32%,31%,etc.

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