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New XBOX game out.

Guest Eclipse

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Guest thetintshop

you've been stepped away from the golf for 3 weeks. :hmmm

by the way--I'm up to 19 hole in ones offline and 5 online.

:hmmm I'm also ranked higher than you. :hmmm:hmmm

let me know if the psychological bs is working........ :lol2

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Guest Eclipse

Man is it getting deep in here. Smells like :hmmm I been waiting for you to save up some more money to lose to me.

DMC? I thought you weren't into those... :hmmm:lol2

Let me know when you are shooting a 42 like those winning all the championships. I want to know the trick.

No the BS isn't working. I am going to go back to counting all the dough I won from you the last time we played. :hmmm

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