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CL500 mercedes

Guest Key West

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Guest Key West

Anyone done a CL500 Mercedes? Had a BIOTCH of a time getting the front windows behind the rubber. This particular model has laminated glass on all windows, so I couldn't use a torch to heat the bottoms. Now the passenger side is peeling. and for the price, I aint willing to pull the panels, real liability issues. :coffee any help would be appreciated. :chick Ever notice how your friend who wants the "brother in law" deal NEVER has an easy car? Sucks :cry

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You should heat shrink the film on the outside of the glass, there are only a few fingers. Did you trigger the door pin switch so that the window is in the upright position? You also must leave the doors open for a couple of hours after tinting to dry, so that when the window drops it wont peel. Also be careful of spraying too much water, you can easily burn out the seat switch.

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